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Flip The Switch Fitness is just the boost you need on your fitness journey to find the look that fits you!  Whether it is to build muscle, lose fat, get "toned", or even just to upgrade your workout routine, Flip The Switch Fitness is the one stop shop catered to your transformation.

Flip The Switch Fitness provides many different services such as: personal training, online workout programs, customized training programs, and nutrition & dietary advice. 

The time is now to FLIP the SWITCH and transform your life!

Personal Training Programs
Training Locations:
Dallas Iron Fitness
Modera Hall Street
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About Me

Flip the Switch Fitness's mission is to equip you with not only the skills, but the knowledge  of how to reach your fitness and health goals. Whether you want to be ready for the beach or to be ready to climb a mountain, my mission is to personally help guide you through your journey to get there.

Nutrition and Dietary Meal Programs
*Fitness Nutrition Specialist
customized meal plans
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Dallas, Texas

Training Location: Modera Hall Street

Tel: 205-567-8757